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Check 'betyder' translations into English. Look through examples of betyder translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Swedish-English dictionary. betyder: means.

Betyder in english

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Daniel. British. Karen. Swedish-English dictionary. betyder: means. Examples of translating «betyder» in context: Det betyder vad det betyder. It means what it means.

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Betyder in english

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Betyder in english

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By all manner of means - English  This means that price will often not be the decisive factor when purchasing a new product: in view of the product durability, operating costs will usually be more  "Shen" betyder gudomlig eller gudomlighet och "Yun" betyder känsla eller rytm. Hur skulle det vara om vackra varelser kom ner från himlen och dansade framför  Swedish Word: betyda. English Meaning: to mean sth, to matter.
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Betyder in english

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